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Saturday, July 21, 2012


this is some of the gift certificates items I bought 

I got needles, magazines, Q-snaps and 
perforated paper . I do have some more on back order which hopefully be in at the front  of the week
happy viewing. Don't forget to read the other three post for today

ILCS yahoo group summer ornate

this is an exchange from Georgena

thank you so much

21 July update

Hello everyone I know has been a while since I updated my blog
I have been using Facebook for quick shows of my projects
here are some of the thing I'm working on.
this is my Marbek prayer angel
the little girl is almost finished just a few more stitches for the hair and she is done
now all i will have left is the angel it self and then back-stitching
 this is one of the HAED I'm doing
this one is called ebony and ivory
I am on page one row 4
this is my newest one from HAED
this one is called Well read cat.
this is one of my birthday gifts from one of my yahoo stitch groups
and this is the last piece I'm working on for  now
this is American angel by HAED
page 1 row 10, almost done with page one


this is one

month of TUSAL
( totally useless stitch a long )
and this is a picture of the jar
with the TUSAL in it
most of this is from the 
I'm working on