Sunday, August 12, 2012

HAED project update 12 Aug 2012

This is the American Angel and Ebony & Ivory, Well Read Cat

I have been not stitching as much because I am trying to get my back better, so I had to change my lifestyle. the Chiropractor wanted me not to stitch at first and either stand or lay down not to sit, well I just couldn't do that and the Dr. was not happy. Dr.Spillman  was happy that I was finally do my exercises the amount he wanted or at least that amount. this last visit we both got a better understand of each other, it was OK to stitch but to do it in moderation ( 30- 60 minutes sit times ) I told him I just couldn't watch TV because I  have Bipolar and TV got me into trouble that is when he said it's OK to sit for short sit. 
                                Here are some pictures of some of the things I'm working on
This is The American Angel PG 3 row 1
This is Ebony and Ivory PG 1 row 4
This is The Well Read Cat PG 1 row2

This is also an update of my TUSAL jar 


  1. I haven't been stitching much either, mainly because I have no energy and as soon as I start I fall asleep. It's weird and I am hoping when I go to the dr on the 23rd we can take care of that.
    Great progress on everything!

  2. Hope your back gets better soon!
    All your stitching is wonderful!

  3. Your Ebony and Ivory is stunning. Love the colors and background. Wellness thoughts sent your way for your back. Hopefully, the pain will abate very soon and you will be able to stitch more. Beautiful work on all. Looking forward to seeing the Well Read Cat!

  4. Love all your WIPs. Your progress is looking great. Enjoy seeing your progress. happy stitching.

  5. They all look great, what if you stitch standing up :-)

  6. Your stitching looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Take care of your back - make sure you get up from the stitching often.

  7. Great updates! Hope your back gets better!!

  8. Great job! So glad to see you are doing so much better these days if you know what I mean!!! Hope your back gets to feeling better cause I know what it is like to have back and neck pain. Set a timer so that you get up and move around a little while stitching. I know how time can get away from you while being on the computer or stitching!

  9. Your projects look good, JoAnn. Hopefully, your bak gets better.